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A lot of visits come to this site from search engines when people search for surveys for cash. So I decided to give them this page that links to some websites that reward cash for surveys instead of gift cards.

There are free surveys sites and some paid services that pair you with higher paying surveys.

Free Surveys for Cash Sites

Usually the free surveys for cash sites reward around $2 per a 30 minute survey. It’s not much and if you ask me I would rather do something else that makes real cash, like a blog post or an article.

I understand that in some cases even those low paying surveys could help, so here are some sites that reward cash for surveys and are free to join:

Clixsense (International)

Paid Surveys for Cash Sites

Paid membership surveys for cash sites provide the service of matching the members with the highest paying surveys that fit with them.

You know, with the free sites you might spend half an hour taking a survey and at the end you get a message that says “sorry, you don’t qualify for this f@#$%ng survey”. Sorry for the swear but this is how it sounds like anyway when you get it after you thought you’re done and should be paid.

The paid surveys sites job is to filter those scammers out so that you don’t have to swear at the end of every other survey :-).

Also they have access to surveys from credible brands, like Coca Cola, Apple, Shell … etc. Those are not going to scam you (I mean in the survey part, but they might otherwise).

The memberships are paid once, and they open for you to make serious cash out of  your survey-taking time.

You know, the above free surveys sites rarely reward you more than $2 per survey, and qualifying for the surveys, if you’re honest about your responses, is a rare event that deserves a celebration. So if you ask me free paid surveys sites are a waste of time.

Here is a list of the paid surveys for cash membership sites that have good reputation (relatively, you know the whole industry has a bad reputation):

Cash for Surveys (International)

Ganando Dinero Por Encuestas (Spanish Version of the above)

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