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Are There Any Real Free Walmart Gift Card Offers?

This article is here to open your eyes about the free Walmart gift card offers that you might get exposed to . Please make sure you read through the whole article before you respond to any of those offers.

You know there is no such a thing as free lunch. A short answer to the question above is yes there are free Walmart gift cards, if by “free” you mean you don’t pay money to get one while at the same time you don’t mind spending some of your time to qualify for it. Your time is more valuable than any money though.

Free Walmart gift card offers are often not made by Walmart. Anyone can buy a Walmart gift card and make a draw on it, and the participation fees pay for it. And if advertised as free, the participants will have to do something that makes the offer maker some money to cover the cost of the gift card and more.

The truth is that the majority of the  free Walmart gift card offers, although in some cases no purchase is required to qualify, but almost all the time you have to do them a favor and in return they give you one of those Walmart gift cards for free. This favor could be taking a survey or signing up for other free trial offers … anything to get you to qualify for either the gift card itself or a draw on it.

The free Walmart gift card offered by Walmart itself requires you to take a survey, click here to do so if you are interested in participating. It’s a draw though, so you might get lucky and win the free gift card or, more likely, get nothing.

So in plain English: There is no such thing as a free Walmart gift card without completing offers, taking surveys, or shopping at Walmart. 

As mentioned every where on this site, a free gift card offer is usually one of two things, and most of the time it’s both: a lead generation technique and/or a market research method. And I’ll explain it again here so that you don’t have to navigate around the site to get it:

A lead generation process is identifying “you” (the user) as someone interested in something that someone else is selling. For example, by responding to a free Walmart gift card offer with pictures of TVs and cameras on the page you just raised your hand as someone interested in electronics.

But it doesn’t stop here. After you fill the first page you might be required to complete a free (or cheap) offer or two out of 10 or so on the second page in order to qualify for the gift card. The offers you pick to complete also identify you as someone interested in those markets. Say you complete a free trial for a weight loss product and an acne cream. This identifies you as a someone who might be interested in buying skin care and weight loss products in the future.

The market research part is mostly a survey. A short survey might qualify you for an entry in a draw on a high value gift card, a free $1000 Walmart gift card for example. The other alternative is a long survey that takes about 3 hours to finish, and this usually qualifies you straight for a low value gift card sent to you by mail, usually within $50 or less range.

If you are interested in the high value/less work free Walmart gift card then I’d suggest you apply for as many as you can find. This way you increase your chances of winning the draw on one of them. It’s like lottery.

How to protect yourself from free Walmart gift card scams?

This form of marketing, giving away something in exchange of contact information and consent to receive promotions, can easily be used by scammers who are after your information for the purpose of identity theft and credit card fraud. So always keep that as a possibility so that you don’t get yourself in a lot of trouble trying to undo the damage.

  • First of all, under no circumstances should you provide any sensitive personal information. No social security numbers, no banking information, no credit card information, no drivers license information, no copy of any document should be submitted to any free gift card sites.
  • When you enter an email to receive promotions, and the gift card in case it was legit, don’t enter your primary email. Make a new gmail account and use it for that purpose alone.
  • If you are required to enter a phone number, if I were you I would get a cheap voip number and use that for these purposes. (you can get those for $5 a month and cancel it after you are done with the purpose. Or keep it to use it with all your online activities. I know from experience that it’s not a good idea to use your home phone or cell phone. I am still getting home based business calls after 13 years of requesting information about an opportunity advertised online!

If you have information about a scam, and you are certain that it is a scam, please use the comment section below to alert the readers of this blog and tell your friends about it.

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