Free Victoria’s Secret Gift Card

Wow … $500 Victoria’s Secret gift card for free? Sounds too good to be true …

Ok, when it sounds too good to be true it’s most of the time because it is. And in our case the free gift card of 500 bucks to spend in Victoria’s Secret is not really free. You’re not required to pay for it either, but …

In the business world no one is going to give away anything for free unless they’re expecting more in return. In our case, $500 Victoria’s Secret gift card is given to those who qualify, and the qualifying process starts with answering a few questions about your gender (just to make sure you’re not a pervert looking for hot models’ pictures), your age group, and whether or not you’re a Facebook addict like myself. After that you’re required to submit your email address.

By doing this you identify yourself as a social female who is currently shopping at Victoria’s Secret and has the ability to make a purchase decision. I know this because I am a marketer and this is what we do.

By the way … I am MARKETING for this offer because they pay me commission on your response, but at the same time I am an honest marketer and I want you to know exactly what to expect.

After you submit your email you might be required to either take a long survey, a short one, complete some free trial or low cost offers, and confirm your email address for marketing legitimacy purposes.

And as a current Victoria’s Secret customer you might as well be a potential customer for cosmetics, La Senza, Swimsuits, maybe some adult toys, perfumes .. etc. And this is what might be included in the commercial emails you’ll be receiving from the company offering you the $500 Victoria’s Secret gift card for free (they gotta get their money back, right?).

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