Free Ikea Gift Card

Just Found Out About a Free IKEA Gift Card?

Better than a free Ikea gift cardIf you focus on the free gift card offers on this website and almost everywhere else you’ll find that they are targeted. And that’s for a good reason. These offers are mostly a lead generation technique which is the process of identifying individuals with access to the Internet who are interested in certain products or services and collecting their contact information to sell them stuff they ARE interested in based on the certain criteria.

Free IKEA gift cards are no different; they identify the participants as users interested in buying furniture. When you participate in the survey that qualifies you for the free gift card or a draw on it you opt in their mailing list.

Two things you need to know about this process:

1. You can opt out of this mailing list at any time. If you receive further emails after you unsubscribe you can report them as spam and they might lose the domain they are sending the emails from. So you are in control.

2. As an IKEA customer you might receive sales emails about stuff related a way or another to furniture. For example you might get furniture offers, movers, home innovation offers, home insurance, home security systems … etc.

With that part out of the way, please know that you need to be realistic in your expectations. They are loading the gift card with a thousand bucks, they must get at least something equal in value in return, right?

So first of all, and as mentioned elsewhere on this site, a high value free gift card offer is most probably a draw contest. So to increase your chances of winning you might want to participate in as many free IKEA gift card offers as possible.

Second, when they send you promotional emails please realize that it’s part of the deal. So here is the same suggestion again, participate in as many free gift card offers as you can find, and only keep subscribed to the mailing list of the one that you actually win their gift card and unsubscribe from the others.

I could only find one offer for a free $1000 IKEA gift card but it has been taken down. This website is updated every time an offer comes out or goes down, so please bookmark it for future reference.

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