Free Best Buy Gift Card

What Are Free Best Buy Gift Card Offers?

Free Best Buy gift card offers that you might see on this page or elsewhere on the Internet are most of the time geo-targeted. The term “geotargeted” means that the offer is available only inhabitants of certain countries, most probably the US, Canada, and the UK. These free Best Buy gift card offers are made buy third party entities that have nothing to do with Best Buy itself.

The reason such companies give away Best Buy gift cards loaded with up to $1000 is that they’ll definitely make that money back several folds a way or another. But who cares, as long as I don’t get the pay them!

Anyway, the main purpose of such free gift card offers is to generate leads for certain businesses and do market research. Here is how:

In some cases you get to try something for free to qualify for the prize. Pick the product you want to try for free and you’ll qualify. This is a lead generation process. Just for the sake of explaining what it is I’ll assume you applied for free trial of cellulite treatment cream like Celluline. By applying for the free Best Buy gift card and the free trial of this particular product you just showed interest in electronics and skin care as well as weight loss products.

In this case you’ll be contacted by electronics companies as well as skin care sales people.

The other route is market research. In such cases you’ll qualify for the free Best Buy gift card by taking a certain survey conducted by a “fourth” party, typically a marketing company doing market research in order to enhance the message in their ads so that they get more market share for a certain brand.

It could also be all of the above: lead generation as well as market research.

The last thing I want to mention here is that when the gift card value is around $25-50 it’s going to be a long survey to take and it might take as long as 3 hours to finish. In other cases where the gift card value is fairly high, like $500-$1000, this means it’s a contest. I don’t think a market research company is going to give away $1000 to 20,000 people who’ll respond to the offer every day! They only raised the value of the offer to get more attention from the participants, and to afford it they run it in the form of a draw contest. After a certain period of time, say a week, of running the offer they conduct a draw and one winner will be chosen for receiving the $1000 Best Buy gift card.

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