Current Gift Card Offers

You probably came here because you clicked on one of the expired offers link or image. These offers come and go every other day and some don’t last long enough. So I made this page specially to post the most updated gift card offers. You can pick from the collection below, or even try them all :-). It’s up to you.

Currently with the Covid-19 panedemic and the social distancing, staying at home, job losses, and the pretty much reset economy the demand for free gift cards has increased. That’s why I am dedicating this page to programs that I know for sure will get you some sort of gift card, physically shipped to you or digital that you can use online.

The programs listed below require that you do something, which costs you some of your free time, and rewards you with cash that you can redeem in the form of the gift card of your choice. I hope that this will help you a bit in the currenty circumstances.

Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is one of the programs that give you cash for taking surveys. This cash can be redeemed as cash withdrawn to a Paypal account, or as a gift card from your favourite merchant. This program is available in the US and Canada.

Inbox Dollars: This program rewards you cash for participating in different activities, including surveys, and like Survey Junkie above you can withdraw this cash to your Paypal account or get a gift card of the value of your earnings. This program is only available in the United States.

TimeBucks: TimeBucks reward program rewards you in points that can be redeemed as cash or a gift card for pretty much anything you do on the Internet. It is a powerful program and is available globally unlike the above two.

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