Happy 2021!

Hello everyone and Happy new year!!

I really hope so 🙂

Really what a year 2020 was! Pandemic, unrest, politics …

Businesses closing doors, economies collapsing .. while other businesses reaching the next level in value.

Amazon, as an online shopping beast expanded even more.

More stores moved to the online shopping model.

Schools moved to online distance learning for the most part.

Sales of laptops and desktops grew to the point of a 4 months waiting for production lines to catch up.

Games and sports events are now without live audience.

A new life style has started to shape and is all thanks to a teeny tiney molecule of RNA wrapped in a few molecules of protein (also known as the covid 19 virus) that can not be seen by the eyes, or even the light microscope.

For those who believe in God … this is Him showing us how the simplest of His creation is capable of flipping our lives in a way we never thought possible.

And for those who don’t … this is natural selection … a virus to reduce the destructive human activities and hence give the planet a break!

And for the conspiracy theorists … It’s all fake! Bill Gates is trying to control the world! the G5 is what’s making us sick … and whatever other theories you might have come across.

For you and me .. we just need to make sure that we survive.

Let’s all hope for a better year, and adapt to the new life style that looks like it is here to stay for a while.

Have a safe 2021!