Happy 2021!

Hello everyone and Happy new year!!

I really hope so 🙂

Really what a year 2020 was! Pandemic, unrest, politics …

Businesses closing doors, economies collapsing .. while other businesses reaching the next level in value.

Amazon, as an online shopping beast expanded even more.

More stores moved to the online shopping model.

Schools moved to online distance learning for the most part.

Sales of laptops and desktops grew to the point of a 4 months waiting for production lines to catch up.

Games and sports events are now without live audience.

A new life style has started to shape and is all thanks to a teeny tiney molecule of RNA wrapped in a few molecules of protein (also known as the covid 19 virus) that can not be seen by the eyes, or even the light microscope.

For those who believe in God … this is Him showing us how the simplest of His creation is capable of flipping our lives in a way we never thought possible.

And for those who don’t … this is natural selection … a virus to reduce the destructive human activities and hence give the planet a break!

And for the conspiracy theorists … It’s all fake! Bill Gates is trying to control the world! the G5 is what’s making us sick … and whatever other theories you might have come across.

For you and me .. we just need to make sure that we survive.

Let’s all hope for a better year, and adapt to the new life style that looks like it is here to stay for a while.

Have a safe 2021!


Legit Free Gift Cards

If you are a regular visitor of my site free gift cards net then you already know that most of the free gift card offers are either scams or a marketing technique that aims at collecting your data coupled with your shopping behavior. A free Walmart gift card that’s not from Walmart.com is made by a marketer who’s collecting data of people who shop at Walmart. A free Amazon gift card offer that’s not from Amazon.com is made by a marketer who aims to collect data of people who shop at Amazon.com. The same is true for a free McDonalds gift card, a free Best Buy gift card … and so on.

All of those offers, even if someone gets the proposed free gift card, they end up on a bunch of marketers mailing and calling lists. And no matter how many times they unsubscribe from those lists they find themselves on other lists without their permission. And it keeps getting more and more annoying until the value of the free gift card is no longer worth it.

The good news is that there’s still a way to get free gift card from legit sources. For example, to get a free Walmart gift card the legit source is going to be walmart.com, like this one here, if you are willing to take their survey to help them improve their service. You can also get a free $50 target gift card if you spend $250 in the store as you can read on their current promotions page here.

If you want to find out whether your favorite store has a free gift card offer go to Google and enter this in the search box:

site:target.com “free gift card”

Replace target.com with your favorite store’s website.

That was one way to get a free gift card from a legit source without having to end up on a thousand marketers’ lists.

Gift Card to Cash

Wouldn’t it be super nice to convert all the gift cards you got into cash? I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to see money trapped in a card that I can only use in a certain way. And as a marketer I can tell you that a lot of people are searching for a way to convert their gift card balances to cash.

For instance, I can’t pay the rent with gift cards, even if it was a Visa gift card. For some reason landlords only accept cash or checks. So a collection of gift cards that contain enough money to pay the rent are useless now and I have to use them to buy stuff that I don’t need!

The good thing about the Internet is that you can virtually do anything without having to leave your place. I did the research and yes there is a way to convert gift cards into cash.

First off, the stores that issued the card are not going to give you the cash back. They just got the money and will never give it back. Like when you return something you baught (and found deffective) and they give you store credit instead of giving you your money back.

This is not the same as gift certificates though. In some places I could use the gift certificate to buy something for a lower value and get the remaining cash back. Gift cards don’t work this way.

So the way I found to convert gift cards into cash is to do any of the following:

1. Sell them on an auction site like ebay. And in this case you need to know exactly how much you have in the gift card and you can expect to sell it for like half the amount.

2. Go to websites specialized in trading and selling gift cards, like plastic jungle or card pool. Only their there’s a chance you can get close to the full amount.

You can also sell your card to a company like those listed on Gift Card Granny.

Ok that was the second best (to cashing out your gift cards in full). It’s not fair, but this is how it is.

Universal Gift Card

It’s quite common that instead of buying a gift you go to your favorite store and buy a gift card. This is better for the person you are buying the gift card for so that they can buy whatever they want, just in case someone got them the same gift that you thought of.

This is what you say, but what if the person receives like 10 best buy gift cards? Wouldn’t that limit their choices to only electronics? What if they wanted a swimming suite, or a pair of new sneakers?

This is when a universal gift card comes in handy

A universal gift card is a gift card that can be used at any merchant where a credit card is accepted as a method of payment, including almost all of the online stores.

Universal gift cards are usually issued by one of the major credit card companies, like MasterCard and Visa gift cards. They come with another advantage, other than being universally accepted wherever a credit card is accepted. And this advantage is that you can customize it with the name of the person who’ll receive this gift.

There are different types of universal gift cards; some are reloadable while some aren’t, some can be used anywhere and some are for electronic use only, and some can have the balance checked online while other lack this feature.

It’s quite amusing to watch the evolution of gift cards. I remember back in the 9o’s we only had gift certificates and those could be issued from the mall management. That was a nice looking peace of paper with my name on it and a certain amount of money that I can use only once. The good thing is that I could go to the mall, buy a pair of socks for two bucks and cash out the remaining balance. I did that twice in one day ;-).

Then came the gift cards issued by certain stores like Walmart, Starbucks, and Best Buy. Those looked more like a card with a magnetic strip that you can swipe just like a credit or debit card. Then came out the universal gift cards that can be used anywhere a credit card is accepted.

Isn’t that convenient!

Anyways, a universal gift card also comes with another advantage that only those addicted to shopping online will realize. You can buy yourself one, and use it to shop online with merchants you’re not hundred percent sure are safe. Whever you’re suspecious but you need that service or item you can use your univeral gift card to pay. This way if the merchant turns out to be a scam or a phishing net you limit their access to whatever you have on your card. It’s like using a prepaid debit card but with the “disposabelity” feature.


Coupons are a great way to save money on things you use frequently. It’s also a big business! Surprise!

Yes. It is a big business, and big companies are competing on acquiring as many “coupon users” as possible, fighting each other on “you” with the dirtiest weapons available!

Man … that was quite a mouthful!

Ok, here is the story.

Imagine that I am the owner of a marketing company, and let’s call it “Yaheem”. I, the owner of Yaheem Marketing company would like to beat my competitors in marketing the right product to the right customer without wasting a ton of money on broad spectrum advertising nonsense.

One way to do that is to build a mailing list, which is not as effective now as it used to be 10 years ago, I can tell you that with 99% confidence. This is how “free gift card” companies work. They get you to sign up to their mailing list that targets the shoppers of a certain store (the one you sign up to get a free gift card from). Later you’ll be receiving emails from those companies promoting products or services that you’ll be surprized on how in the world did they know you are interested in it!

The answer is really simple: statistics. Statistics gained from market research surveys and by other means show that customers interested in certain products or with a certain shopping habbit tend to be interested in other products as well, and this is what the free credit card company uses to do a better targeted marketing than “one size fits all” kind of advertising.

Another way to do the same kind of targeting but with better real time results is by monitoring your shopping habbits realtime. And this is done with downloadable coupons.

Think about it for sec. When you search the Internet for a coupon code to use the next time you go to the zoo, once you download this coupon for printing you alarmed a system that you have children under the age of 13. Expect to also see a promotion for Disneyland, Disney DVDs, Disney on Ice show … etc.

Did you know that a company like Groupon got acquisition offer from Google in the 10 figure value and they rejected? This is how big this business is.

This is what’s in it for the companies running the coupon offers that you see everywhere; demographically laser targeted marketing.

Now what’s in it for you as a consumer?

First of all you get to save on the products and services that you are buying anyway. Get the coupon and use it then worry about the marketing efforts of the sponsoring company.

The second, and this is big if you think about it, you get exposed to advertisement only for things that you are interested in. For example if you are not into travelling wouldn’t you be annoyed of seeing a travelling offer every single time you are online? You ignore these ads, which means wasted money for the business behind it.

If the company’s ad is only shown to people who might take action this means a lot of money saved on advertising, which also means that business will be able to provide a better price for consumers like yourself.

A third benefit you can gain from coupons is that when you are exposed to a “cross promotion” (a promotion for something you might be interested in based on your original coupon download action) it’s usually a special offer that will save you more money on that product as well. That’s two birds with one stone.

I am affiliated with the coupon toolbar company advertised below and elsewhere on this page. This means that if you download and install the coupon toolbar on your browser I get paid commission. This is what I do for living, so please consider installing the toolbar if you enjoyed reading my article.