Hello and welcome to Free-Giftcard.net.

My name is Yahia. I used to work as a researcher and faculty member until 2006. After several unfortunate incidents, beginning with losing my son and ending with deteriorated bone health, I decided to spend a good fraction of my time trying to help people using the Internet as a medium of communication.

This site has been built to educate Internet users about the free gift card offers that people get by email and see advertised every where on the web. These offers are mainly a kind of lead generation strategy, as I mentioned elsewhere on this website. The process involves getting the contact information, whether email or cell phone number, of people interested in Walmart, or in a certain product used on the website (like a camera) for example. In return the user enters for a drawing on a Walmart gift card.

I personally don’t know anybody who received the free gift card, but I know that all of them are getting offers either related to the merchant or not related at all. And they get all of those offers either on the email address or as text message to the cell phone number they used to enter the contest.

So, if you are still interested in entering such contests I have already started to gather some free gift card offers, and you know what to expect.

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