5 Unconventional Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Free Gift Cards - You choose how you earnLess than a day left before the Christmas and I already know some people who are still shopping for gifts for their significant ones. I am not going to get into the reasons and how to avoid this situation next year, but I’ll give suggestions for unconventional Christmas gift ideas that could save your nick if you happen to be one of those :-), just a small gift from “free gift card” website.

A Website

This is very unconventional. A website with your beloved one’s name as a domain name could be built in 10 minutes and costs like $2/month to host (if you buy 4 years of hosting :-). Seriously, this website could be given blank to your spouse, sibling, or child and let them worry about filling it. As I said it takes 10 minutes to build the skeleton and give it to them empty. Almost all website hosting companies provide detailed instructions on how to build a website in 10 minutes, so if you’re not a nerd like me don’t sweat it.

Imagine their pride when they give their new email address jane@janesmith.com or so instead of jane_s573@yahoo.com! After a thought, I’ll probably get one of those for my daughter :-).

Recommended (the cheapest and easiest): Award Winning Web Hosting: Unlimited Hosting + Free Domain for $1.99/Month

A Gift Card or Certificate

This only works with really close ones like siblings, parents, spouses … you know … immediate family members who you don’t feel bad about them knowing how much you paid for their gifts. You could get a gift certificate from your local mall. Those gift certificates could be used in the boxing week for better deals than before the Christmas. You can also get a gift card online from their favorite store. You know your people better. I would get my wife an Amazon gift card. She can use it now or save it for next year’s school books. And with Amazon she can spend her gift card on just anything under the sun with millions of items in their inventory other than books. This is one of the popular Amazon gift cards: Amazon.com $25 Gift Card (0108)

Just for this purpose stay away from free gift card offers because they are all about contests that even if you win one you’re not getting your card now.

A Vacation

If you can afford it, a vacation could be the sweetest gift you present to your wife. I don’t know a lot of guys who love vacations, but I certainly know my wife would do anything to have one. You can buy the vacation now and present it on Christmas, then use it in the summer to go away for a week or two.

A Magazine Subscription

This one is straight forward. Find out what’s your beloved one’s favorite magazine and buy a year subscription for them. Just make sure they doesn’t already have one in place.


Not kidding. This is a good idea especially if you want to teach your kids the habit of investing. It doesn’t have to be a huge investment, but certainly not a hundred bucks gift, so I know this is not for every one. Besides, you’ll need to stop at the bank to get the advice of a financial adviser before you do something like that unless you already know what you are doing. I don’t, so .. I’ll stop at the bank.