Freester is a membership site that costs $1 every two weeks and in return it sends you vouchers, gift cards, and coupons to help you save hundreds of dollars. This is basically what it is. As reviewed by many people who used the service, and by using common sense it’s not going to be all milk and honey.

Some users are writing happy testimonials because they got their promised vouchers or gift cards that saved them $25-75, while others are complaining of not getting a penny out of it and from difficulty cancelling their memberships.

You can read the happy testimonials on their own website here, but if you Google the term Freester scam you’ll find a ton of unsatisfied testimonials.

So it is advised if you are going to try it yourself to do the following:

1. Go through all the testimonials first, and decide for yourself if this is something you are willing to give it a try.

2. If you elect to try it use a credit card that has a small limit. AVOID using your bank visa-debit card.

3. Use your membership actively to collect points and redeem for more than you are promised as a sign up gift and decide on your own in your first month if it is worth it. The happy users testimonials all have this in common; they’re active users and are getting coupons for free to save them hundreds.

4. If you are to cancel your membership prepare for a the possibility of having to cancel your credit card as well. That’s why it is advised to use a low limit one.

5. After you try it please come back to this page and leave your testimonial in the comment section. It’s going to also show on your Facebook wall to help my readers and your friends make an informed decision.

If you are ready to give it a try freester… click here.


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