New: Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa Gift Card from Hyundai

Just in time for the holidays, Hyundai is offering $50 gift cards as a reward for those who take their cars for a spin. Yes, that’s all there is to it. Test drive a Hyundai and get a free gift card. This is there way to get their cars exposed. Obviously they are confident at Hyundai that if you test drive a car you will love it and will want to keep it. I love that. I don’t know about you but I would go for the free visa gift card, I can use it anywhere. A free Amazon gift card is also nice … you decide.

How it works:

  1. Go to and click on “find a dealer” at the top right.

Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

2. Click on “change location” if you need to and enter your zip code. Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

3. Click on “Dealer Site” at the right:

Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

4. Check “new”, select “Hyundai”, and select your model, then click “search inventory”:

Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

5. To the top left of the page you’ll find a button that says: “$50 Test Drive Offer”. Click it.

Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

6. Select your $50 gift card, fill the form and follow the instructions:

Free $50 Amazon, Target, or Visa gift card

That’s all. But hurry up and secure your card before they run out. This is a promotion, which means it might never happen again after they come to their senses!


Legit Free Gift Cards

If you are a regular visitor of my site free gift cards net then you already know that most of the free gift card offers are either scams or a marketing technique that aims at collecting your data coupled with your shopping behavior. A free Walmart gift card that’s not from is made by a marketer who’s collecting data of people who shop at Walmart. A free Amazon gift card offer that’s not from is made by a marketer who aims to collect data of people who shop at The same is true for a free McDonalds gift card, a free Best Buy gift card … and so on.

All of those offers, even if someone gets the proposed free gift card, they end up on a bunch of marketers mailing and calling lists. And no matter how many times they unsubscribe from those lists they find themselves on other lists without their permission. And it keeps getting more and more annoying until the value of the free gift card is no longer worth it.

The good news is that there’s still a way to get free gift card from legit sources. For example, to get a free Walmart gift card the legit source is going to be, like this one here, if you are willing to take their survey to help them improve their service. You can also get a free $50 target gift card if you spend $250 in the store as you can read on their current promotions page here.

If you want to find out whether your favorite store has a free gift card offer go to Google and enter this in the search box: “free gift card”

Replace with your favorite store’s website.

That was one way to get a free gift card from a legit source without having to end up on a thousand marketers’ lists.


Visa Gift Card: An Excellent Gift Idea.

free $500 visa gift cardVisa gift cards are like any gift card pre-loaded with a certain amount of money but with the Visa logo on the front. This type of gift cards is an amazing solution. You don’t need to decide whether you’ll get it from Walmart or Old Navy anymore. Just give the Visa gift card and it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. It’s also personalized with the person’s name, which makes them feel more special.

Do I need to say more? It’s a universal gift card. No Brainer!

With that said, there are some things you need to know about it before you buy one.

First of all It’s a one load and gone. You can not reload a Visa gift card once it’s been depleted.

Second: you will need to manually keep track of the balance because most merchants have no access to the data. No one can tell you how much is left except you.

Third: some Visa gift cards can only be swiped (depending on the provider). So you can only go physically to the store where it can be swiped (not entered manually) and use it. This kind of Visa gift cards is not ideal if you want to buy something from Amazon for instance. In that case get an Amazon gift card like $25 Gift Card (0108), or get the Visa gift card that doesn’t have the phrase “ELECTRONIC USE ONLY” Printed on the front.

Fourth: Make sure your balance is enough to pay the full amount of the transaction including the taxes or any fees. If you don’t then the transaction will fail. Other store issued gift cards on the other hand can be depleted in a transaction then  you pay the remaining balance with a different payment method.

The above information is correct at the time of writing this article. Hopefully with customer feedback they’ll fix the above problems. Also the above are the only issues I am aware of. There might be other issues but hey, I can’t know everything :-).

Why a Gift Card is a Brilliant Holidays Gift Idea?

Giving a gift card as a holidays gift has many benefits. For one, you don’t have to worry much about the shopping, shipping, driving around until you find the perfect gift. All what you need to do is to go to a major store like and buy an Amazon gift card with some holidays graphics on it and have it shipped to you and you’re done. Just hand it over to the person you got it for and see the gratitude look in their eyes instead of the disappointment that you got them the wrong thing.

Better yet, buy them a universal gift card that works almost every where, like a Visa gift card, or an Amex gift card (I just got one, I love it but if I am going to use it for groceries I only have Costco as an option). A Visa gift card can be loaded with as much as you want and let them shop anywhere they like.

Why this is a brilliant idea is for the following 7 reasons:

1. It saves you the headache of shopping and shipping as described above.

2. Imagine having a bunch of those gift cards in your wallet when you go for the boxing week shopping! Isn’t that awesome?

3. If your prospect needs the money for something necessary like groceries, gas, or everyday needs, I am sure they will appreciate your universal gift card than a new pair of pants that they don’t need right now.

4. A gift card usually has a long validity period, so they can use it any time throughout the year without any rush to use it around the holidays season.

5. A gift card, especially a universal one gives the receiver the freedom to choose their gift on their own.

6. The receiver can combine the gift cards he/she received during the holidays and buy one big gift that they really wanted but was too expensive for each one of the people who presented those gift cards.

7. It can be sent to a distant receiver by regular mail in a regular envelope with a stamp on it and will cost less than $1, versus any item that has a weight or size that will cost you a lot in shipping.

You see, you don’t have to worry much about the holidays gift. Just get a Visa gift card and let them worry about what to buy with hit.



Gift ideas for holidays season 2015

Not another tie …
Not another belt …
Not another purse …
Not another shirt …
Not another one of those ……….!

Coming up with a new gift idea for someone you care about in the holidays season must be taking a considerable part of your mind, especially that shopping for the holidays gifts has already started a week or two ago. In this article you’ll learn about some new or universal ideas to help you get done with it and focus on your other important issues.

1. A website on a personal domain name.

This idea never gets old, and if your beloved one doesn’t have it yet then be the first. Go to, register the domain, and pay for a year of hosting, and quickly build a website with their point and click website builder and you’re done. It might take you a little over one hour of work but it’s worth it. Imagine the pride of your beloved ones when they present their personal email as their name on their name dot com.

2. A gift card.

A gift card is a universal solution to the holidays gift dilemma. If you know their favorite store get them the gift card from that store. If not or if they don’t really have one just go to and get them a Santa gift card box, or a snow flake one, or you can pick from their holidays variety. They can buy anything under the sun from Amazon and have it shipped to their own door step.

One of the best things about a gift card is that your beloved ones can use it for the boxing week shopping. They will love it.

Also a Visa gift card can be a good idea because they can use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

3. A hobby gift.
If you know your beloved one’s hobby it will be a pleasant surprise to open your gift box and find new tools that help them with their hobby. This could be a new fishing pole, a set of paints, a cup cake maker, a gril set, a jar of protein, or anything that they will be using while enjoying their hobby.

4. Satisfy their fantasies.
This idea is for couples. If you know that your partner has a certain fantasy why not do it together? And I am not talking about new positions here, don’t be cheap :-). I mean a fantasy that involves going somewhere in particular, dressing and acting a certain way, using certain toys or tools … you guys figure it out.

5. Ask them :-).
The best way to know what your beloved one wants for the holidays is to ask them. And to keep the surprise element in the process get them to write 5 different options for you to pick up from, or ask them to write down their wishlist.

Porbably they did already. Visit their facebook wall or their blog and do some intelligence work.


Gift Ideas for 2015 Holidays

It’s this time of the year again. If you’re like me this would be one of the hardest jobs ever; trying to get a nice gift for everyone on the list while at the same time trying not to ruin my already tight budget.

Since I am a marketer I have access to more market places than regular everyday people do. So I went through them all trying to find one market place where I can place one order that includes all of my gifts, and at the same time I don’t have to buy in wholesale.

Also on these marketplaces you can find a “best sellers” page where you can find enough gift ideas for everyone on your list.

The advantage of buying everything from one market place is to save on shipping, and the non wholesale thing is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

The first thing that I tested was Ali Express. It’s kind of Ali Baba but is not wholesale. And they have a big beautiful variety that can sure cover everyone on my list.

Check out Ali Express’s best sellers here.

I have one problem with it though: The shipping time is ridiculous. Some of the item’s estimated shipping time is 2 months! It’s not a universal thing, but it limits my choices.

The other huge market place that I considered was Amazon. I totally love it. They literally have millions of items that make nice gifts and they are very affordable. Together with the free shipping I was delighted.

Click here to check Amazon’s market place.

If you are not in the US though it’s a big disappointment. Almost all of the good items that I have chosen for my list do not ship to Canada! What in the world? What’s the big deal? Canada is just a cross the boarders!

Another disadvantage for Canadians; these prices are in US dollars, which means they are more expensive than they look.

My last resource was Walmart’s online store. The variety is not as wide and huge as it is on Amazon or Ali Express, but I have a great advantage: With Walmart I am redirected to the Canadian website from the beginning, the prices are in CA dollars, I get free shipping anyway because of the size of my order, and if the item is not available online I can locate the store that still has it and give them one visit to finish all of my shopping in one shot.

Ladies this is a huge one for guys like me. We hate shopping! When I have to it’s always an in-and-out in the shortest time possible.

Gift Idea for the blind, motion sick, and anyone who can no longer read.

I was thinking of this because my mother is losing her eyesight and she can no longer read anything. She still can go around the house and have company around the neighbourhood.

So to spare her nerves from the TV’s silly shows and stressful news I was thinking of a replacement for reading and the thing that came to my mind was audio books.

Here is the link for a free 30 days trial + 1 free audio book.

This gift idea is also good for people who used to read on their commutes and now they have to drive, or those who can not keep their eyes off the road due to motion sickness.

Universal Gift Card

It’s quite common that instead of buying a gift you go to your favorite store and buy a gift card. This is better for the person you are buying the gift card for so that they can buy whatever they want, just in case someone got them the same gift that you thought of.

This is what you say, but what if the person receives like 10 best buy gift cards? Wouldn’t that limit their choices to only electronics? What if they wanted a swimming suite, or a pair of new sneakers?

This is when a universal gift card comes in handy

A universal gift card is a gift card that can be used at any merchant where a credit card is accepted as a method of payment, including almost all of the online stores.

Universal gift cards are usually issued by one of the major credit card companies, like MasterCard and Visa gift cards. They come with another advantage, other than being universally accepted wherever a credit card is accepted. And this advantage is that you can customize it with the name of the person who’ll receive this gift.

There are different types of universal gift cards; some are reloadable while some aren’t, some can be used anywhere and some are for electronic use only, and some can have the balance checked online while other lack this feature.

It’s quite amusing to watch the evolution of gift cards. I remember back in the 9o’s we only had gift certificates and those could be issued from the mall management. That was a nice looking peace of paper with my name on it and a certain amount of money that I can use only once. The good thing is that I could go to the mall, buy a pair of socks for two bucks and cash out the remaining balance. I did that twice in one day ;-).

Then came the gift cards issued by certain stores like Walmart, Starbucks, and Best Buy. Those looked more like a card with a magnetic strip that you can swipe just like a credit or debit card. Then came out the universal gift cards that can be used anywhere a credit card is accepted.

Isn’t that convenient!

Anyways, a universal gift card also comes with another advantage that only those addicted to shopping online will realize. You can buy yourself one, and use it to shop online with merchants you’re not hundred percent sure are safe. Whever you’re suspecious but you need that service or item you can use your univeral gift card to pay. This way if the merchant turns out to be a scam or a phishing net you limit their access to whatever you have on your card. It’s like using a prepaid debit card but with the “disposabelity” feature.


Where to Get Free Gift Cards

The increasing number of spam emails that we receive everyday about free gift cards, laptops, ipods, or whatever, is quite a phenomenon. Besides annoying us and clogging our emails sometimes, it increases the awareness of the availability of such things; free stuff. This raises the question: where to get free gift cards, ipads, ipods, or just anything for real?

The answer is simple: either earn it, hunt it, or get it as a real gift from someone who cares about you.

How to Earn Free Gift Cards:

There are two options available on the Internet for earning gift cards for doing something other than paying for it, hence the lable “free gift card”.

The first option is to earn points through a program from the list below that you can redeem as gift cards from certain stores besides the general purpose gift cards (visa, amex, and master). Out of the hundreds of those programs only a few are legit and you can really get a gift card (and some times real cash by check or to your paypal account) for your efforts. Here is a list of the few sites that made it through our direct testing:

1. Swagbucks: The users earn points for watching video clips, taking surveys, searching, or trying samples (or whatever offer it is) and can redeem those points as gift cards from, Starbux, Rixty, Paypal, Home Depot,  Lowe’s, Facebook, and Barnes & Noble.

===> Click here to join SwagBucks.

How to Hunt down a Free Gift Card

Whenever you have some free time you can create a new gmail account and use it only for the purpose of hunting down a free gift card, and add a new AKA phone number to use along with the new email address when applying for free offers. It is really, really important. ==> Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number

After you have your new email account ready click on each one of the gift card offers you’ll find on this website and anywhere else and submit your email (or zip, whatever they ask you for), follow the instructions so that you get the promised gift card sent to you. It doesn’t mean all of them will, it depends on the qualifying process after your first submission.

Important: The instructions vary from one offer to another, and some of them might not be doable for some people. So try as many as you can (all of them if you have the time) until you hunt down your favourite gift card. Use common sense and don’t submit sensitive information if required to qualify for the gift card.

Also please note that the lower value cards are at the top, because the higher value ones are just too good to be true.

How to Get a Free Gift Card as a Gift

The next time you log in your Facebook account make sure you make a wishlist and post it. When you have a desire for a gift card from a certain merchant just add it to your wishlist for your birthday or the holidays and someone who cares about you will probably get it for you.

Online free stuff are not really free, you’re asked to do something in return. And that goes to all of the spam emails that you get about these free stuff. Although these emails could be a source of free stuff, but you’re not advised to respond to these emails for two reasons: the first is that we don’t want to encourage spammers to do more spamming (when you respond they make money, and the more money they make the more they’ll spam), and the second is that sometimes it’s not what it says it is and could be a method to compromise your email account.

Here on this website you’ll find some of the sources to get free gift cards. Most of the offers on this site are lead generation offers, which means if you want to participate in a contest to win a free gift card you’ll be required to participate in a survey that identifies you as a customer who might be interested in certain products. What to expect next is some emails trying to sell you these stuff.

So, besides being a market research method (so that the advertisers know what people want and start providing it to them the way they want it), it’s also a way to do “direct response marketing” via email. For example, if you participate in a survey about digital cameras in order to qualify for a Best Buy gift card, you just identified yourself as a potential customer for new digital cameras, storage chips, photo editing, photo tricks .. etc.

Another thing that you need to know about these offers is that they pay us, website owners, every time someone participates in their surveys. They call us: affiliates, but that’s a story for another day.

So … this site is one of the good places to get free gift cards. Another option is to just search “free gift card” and start picking from the search results. I prefer Yahoo, but you can search it anywhere and you’ll get more or less the same results.

Since you are here and reading this page about free gift cards, you must be also interested in Power Couponing. So click here to learn how to buy $600 or more of groceries and pay less than $30 using this method.

Free Gift Cards Update

Survey Junkie Welcome to 2015! It’s been quite a year. Thanks to you and your remarks in the Facebook comment enabled section below every post and page your site Free Gift Cards got the popularity and exposure it deserves. I am working on adding new useful content to help you identify scams vs. legit gift card offers.

Seems like scammers don’t give up, yet I don’t understand how would anyone fall for their tricks.

If you receive an email that says something about your free Visa gift card (or Walmart, Amazon, Bestbuy … etc) is about to expire and there is a link that you should click in order to claim it, and you don’t recall anything about this free gift card, the best thing to do is to ignore this message.

But just in case it is legit, check where the email is sent from. If the email is something like or then there is a chance it is something you forgot about. Report the message to immediately if you don’t see their domain name ( in the email address because this is a scammer trying to “phish” for your sensitive information.

If it passes the first check then examine the link without clicking it. You can do that by hovering the mouse cursor over the link and your browser will show you the actual link. If it has domain name in it then there is a chance it is legit. If not then there is a chance (not for sure) that it is a scam. To confirm it right-click the link and copy it to another browser that you are not using a lot. I use Chrome and Firefox, so I would check it in an Internet Explorer or Opera browser. If it starts with a just anything and ends up with a page then it’s just a tracking software and it is likely to be legit. If you never end up on a page it means it is not from Visa and is more likely a “phishing” attempt. Again report it to Visa.

Now please keep in mind that over 99% of the gift card offers you will see are not from the company they are offered from. Let me rephrase with an example. If you give me a Visa gift card on my birth day, the gift card is from visa but I got it from you. It is still legit, right?

The same is done by some legit marketing companies. They use their gift cards giveaway to build a database of potential customers in certain markets. I explained this like a 100 times on this website, but here it is one more time, and let’s stick to the Visa gift card example:

If you respond to the Visa gift card offer it means you are interested in Visa as a brand. If in order to qualify you responded to a Garcinia campogia extract free trial offer it means you are trying to lose weight. So after you finish the qualifying process before you get to claim the card you can expect to receive emails from the marketer behind the offer trying to interest you in more weight loss products/memberships.

Those are legit marketing companies. And if you pay attention they never mention the word “FREE” in their advertising or on their websites. Actually some of them have a problem with the word FREE in the domain name of this website and are not allowing their ads on it!





Do you Drive? You owe it to yourself to read this.

Recently one of my friends had a car accident. Roads are sometimes icy here in the winter and this kind of accidents is very common. The front of his BMW van got ruined, but thankfully enough he and his family are safe.

Now pay attention to this because this is what could have made a difference in his case. My friend forgot to renew his drivers license. And although the insurance company did a check on his license before they renew the insurance, and continued debiting his bank account afterwards, when it came to the accident coverage they denied any responsibility and demanded that he pays for all of the repair expenses.

The lesson to be learned here is to never let any document expire. Your insurance, your drivers license, your lease if applicable, anything related to your car has to be valid all the time, or you risk forfeiting your rights in the coverage you are paying for anyway.


On another level, I consider this decision from the insurance company to be a very stupid business decision. Now I don’t think my friend will ever have his car insurance with them, and all of us, his friends, now know that this company in particular is on the black list. The repair cost could be a couple of thousands, which is less than 6 months of what they get from my friend monthly anyway. Also after the accident his insurance is going to shoot up in the sky, which easily covers his repair expenses in less than 3 months and keep a customer who is going to happily stick to them for years to come.

So another lesson to learn from this story is to always check for customer reviews of your car insurance provider. Ask your friends who had accidents. Some companies offer lower rates but at the same time they treat you the way my friend was treated when he did a mistake by forgetting to renew his license.

Now I know you are smart enough to understand that I can not mention the name of the company on my blog, but I will make sure my friends review of the company be on the first page of search results when someone seeks info about this company.