America Best Eyeglasses

America-best-eyeglassesOne of the items that are considered costly to me are eyeglasses, only until I learned about Glasses USA. They’re very inexpensive and accurate at the same time, and you don’t need to go anywhere, you can do it all online including trying the frames on (yes they have that handy dandy tool that takes your picture and lets you see how the frame will look like on you).

The problem though is that I need to have my eye exam done already before I can order from them online. So to make it sweeter than it is already I searched for a way to get an eye exam for the least possible cost. I found some, but the best offer I found was a free eye exam from America’s best eyeglasses.

The offer goes like this: you need to order two pairs of glasses in order to qualify for the free eye exam. Sounds like a catch, doesn’t it?

It does sound like a catch, only until you know that you can buy two pairs of glasses from America’s best eyeglasses for only $65. That’s two new pairs of glasses + an eye exam. It’s even cheaper than Glasses USA.

As usual, whenever I find what I want I find it across the border. But hey, it was the same when I found out about Glasses USA, now it’s open to many countries including Canada. So maybe America’s Best Eyeglasses will start expanding in the Canadian market.

So … if you live in the US and you need an eye exam search for the closest America’s Best Eyeglasses and get their deal. You can use their website to locate a store near you. Here is their link:

And unlike most of the businesses mentioned on this website, Americas Best Eyeglasses does NOT pay me commission for sending them customers. If they do in the future I’ll come back here and mention it. So far only Glasses USA does pay me for referrals.

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Burger King Buys Tim Hortons

burger_king_gift_cardEarlier this week Burger King and Tim Hortons announced the former’s acquisition of the latter in a $12.5 billions deal. This comes a few month after Cold Stone ice cream sections disappeared from Tim Hortons stores right at the beginning of the summer season, which sounded like a stupid idea to me at the time, but now I understand. This kind of deals doesn’t happen over night, you know. Probably they’ve been negotiating it for over a year now.

A regular customer like you and me might be wondering why would two successful businesses like these two merge and become one company? After all, they are not going to sell burgers at Tim Hortons or donuts at Burger King.

One more detail could give you a clue. The headquarters of the merged company is going to be located in Canada. Do you think there is a benefit for the business to be located in Canada?

You bet there is. Canada’s corporate taxes are lower than it’s counterpart in the United States. This explains the whole thing, and it explains why the Brazilian company that owns 51% of the shares of Burger King – Tim Hortons merged company would work on such a deal.

What would this mean to me as a customer?

Nothing really. Tim Hortons will keep serving coffee and donuts and Burger King will keep selling their whoppers. Prices are not expected to change due to the merge. It doesn’t mean they’re not going to change at all though.

The deal is not over though. Before the merge becomes official both Canadian and American regulators, besides the share holders of both companies need to approve it first.

What gives me the feeling that this deal has been being cooked for several years is that Tim Hortons headquarters used to be based in the United States until a few years ago. It could be that they had this deal, and it made sense that Tim Hortons become a Canadian company, then they merge and Burger King benefits from the lower Canadian corporate taxes.

That would be totally wicked … wouldn’t it?

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Extreme Couponing

Life is not easy.

Many people went from average middle class life style to welfare and food stamps in the past few years, thanks to some selfish, arrogant, narrow-minded politicians. Thanks to the global financial crisis they caused, and the unrest they engineered in many countries, hundreds of thousands of families are now searching for ways to save money on their FOOD!

Extreme couponing is a new life style. People will be wasting their time collecting coupons to save on their next groceries shopping trip instead of looking for ways to earn more money. For some it’s ridiculous, for others it is a necessity. The latter could be choosing either food or shelter for themselves and their families.

In one of my articles here on this blog I explained how coupons mainly an advertising method. It’s a way to get the customers to visit the store where every thing is in place to attract the shoppers so that they spend more than what they planned for. The last thing they want is that you spend an hour or so in their stores and end up paying $30 for $600 worth of goods because of your extreme couponing thing.

And they do work on making it harder to combine more than one promotion at the same time. But that’s what they think.

Fortunately there is a fellow couponer, Janet Wright who put her experience with couponing in a guide that she sells for $18.5.

–> Click here to download it

There is also another guide that sells for $9.99 here.

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Where to Get Free Gift Cards

1800 Groceries CouponsThe increasing number of spam emails that we receive everyday about free gift cards, laptops, ipods, or whatever, is quite a phenomenon. Besides annoying us and clogging our emails sometimes, it increases the awareness of the availability of such things; free stuff. This raises the question: where to get free gift cards, ipads, ipods, or just anything for real?

The answer is simple: either earn it, hunt it, or get it as a real gift from someone who cares about you.

How to Earn Free Gift Cards:

There are two options available on the Internet for earning gift cards for doing something other than paying for it, hence the lable “free gift card”.

The first option is to earn points through a program from the list below that you can redeem as gift cards from certain stores besides the general purpose gift cards (visa, amex, and master). Out of the hundreds of those programs only a few are legit and you can really get a gift card (and some times real cash by check or to your paypal account) for your efforts. Here is a list of the few sites that made it through our direct testing:

1. Swagbucks: The users earn points for watching video clips, taking surveys, searching, or trying samples (or whatever offer it is) and can redeem those points as gift cards from, Starbux, Rixty, Paypal, Home Depot,  Lowe’s, Facebook, and Barnes & Noble.

===> Click here to join SwagBucks.

How to Hunt down a Free Gift Card

Whenever you have some free time you can create a new gmail account and use it only for the purpose of hunting down a free gift card, and add a new AKA phone number to use along with the new email address when applying for free offers. It is really, really important. ==> Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number

After you have your new email account ready click on each one of the gift card offers you’ll find on this website and anywhere else and submit your email (or zip, whatever they ask you for), follow the instructions so that you get the promised gift card sent to you. It doesn’t mean all of them will, it depends on the qualifying process after your first submission.

Important: The instructions varry from one offer to another, and some of them might not be doable for some people. So try as many as you can (all of them if you have the time) until you hunt down your favorite gift card. Use common sense and don’t submit sensitive information if required to qualify for the gift card.

Also please note that the lower value cards are at the top, because the higher value ones are just too good to be true.

How to Get a Free Gift Card as a Gift

The next time you log in your Facebook account make sure you make a wishlist and post it. When you have a desire for a gift card from a certain merchant just add it to your wishlist for your birthday or the holidays and someone who cares about you will probably get it for you.

Online free stuff are not really free, you’re asked to do something in return. And that goes to all of the spam emails that you get about these free stuff. Although these emails could be a source of free stuff, but you’re not advised to respond to these emails for two reasons: the first is that we don’t want to encourage spammers to do more spamming (when you respond they make money, and the more money they make the more they’ll spam), and the second is that sometimes it’s not what it says it is and could be a method to compromise your email account.

Here on this website you’ll find some of the sources to get free gift cards. Most of the offers on this site are lead generation offers, which means if you want to participate in a contest to win a free gift card you’ll be required to participate in a survey that identifies you as a customer who might be interested in certain products. What to expect next is some emails trying to sell you these stuff.

So, besides being a market research method (so that the advertisers know what people want and start providing it to them the way they want it), it’s also a way to do “direct response marketing” via email. For example, if you participate in a survey about digital cameras in order to qualify for a Best Buy gift card, you just identified yourself as a potential customer for new digital cameras, storage chips, photo editing, photo tricks .. etc.

Another thing that you need to know about these offers is that they pay us, website owners, every time someone participates in their surveys. They call us: affiliates, but that’s a story for another day.

So … this site is one of the good places to get free gift cards. Another option is to just search “free gift card” and start picking from the search results. I prefer Yahoo, but you can search it anywhere and you’ll get more or less the same results.

Since you are here and reading this page about free gift cards, you must be also interested in Power Couponing. So click here to learn how to buy $600 or more of groceries and pay less than $30 using this method.

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Discount Eyewear Coupon Codes


After 3 episodes of iritis and 3 years after my last eyewear prescription I decided to get a new pair of eye glasses. Before I go see the eye doctor and get my prescriptions I decided to use the Internet to find the best deal on eyewear online.

After reading some blog and forum posts I realized that the Internet is full of eyewear scammers who sell you something and ship you something else. And those are mainly around auction sites like ebay, so if you are going to do so please read the seller reviews and feedback. It helps a lot to avoid those ones.

I tend to follow the old wisdom about following the herd. When it comes to investing money I tend to play it safe, especially that I am almost out of eyewear and I can’t go through this process twice. So I decided to go shopping in famous eyewear onine stores like

It is one of the stores that I had marketed their products in the past, so I paid them a visit shopping for the best deal. The whole afternoon was a shopping and price comparing session. And it was a big shock that after I did all of that hard shopping work (shopping is not fun for me at all) just to discover that they don’t ship to Canada!

What in the world! Why not?

So I decided to pay Walmart a visit, and I have to do it quick before 3:30 pm (out of school time), and wait for about a week to get my new pair of eyeglasses. The problem now is that we are about to start the holidays and the week could extend to a couple more.

And since I did all the shopping research thing I think it’s better to share it with you guys on my blog, so if you need new glasses and you live in the US you can benefit from the time I spent this afternoon.

First go to the Glasses USA website.

Do your shopping and place your order but don’t check out. Come back here first and pick the coupon code that fits with your order:

NBBOGO = Buy One get One FREE

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Why a Gift Card is a Brilliant Holidays Gift Idea?

1800 Groceries CouponsGiving a gift card as a holidays gift has many benefits. For one, you don’t have to worry much about the shopping, shipping, driving around until you find the perfect gift. All what you need to do is to go to a major store like and buy an Amazon gift card with some holidays graphics on it and have it shipped to you and you’re done. Just hand it over to the person you got it for and see the gratitude look in their eyes instead of the disappointment that you got them the wrong thing.

Better yet, buy them a universal gift card that works almost every where, like a Visa gift card, or an Amex gift card (I just got one, I love it but if I am going to use it for groceries I only have Costco as an option). A Visa gift card can be loaded with as much as you want and let them shop anywhere they like.

Why this is a brilliant idea is for the following 7 reasons:

1. It saves you the headache of shopping and shipping as described above.

2. Imagine having a bunch of those gift cards in your wallet when you go for the boxing week shopping! Isn’t that awesome?

3. If your prospect needs the money for something necessary like groceries, gas, or everyday needs, I am sure they will appreciate your universal gift card than a new pair of pants that they don’t need right now.

4. A gift card usually has a long validity period, so they can use it any time throughout the year without any rush to use it around the holidays season.

5. A gift card, especially a universal one gives the receiver the freedom to choose their gift on their own.

6. The receiver can combine the gift cards he/she received during the holidays and buy one big gift that they really wanted but was too expensive for each one of the people who presented those gift cards.

7. It can be sent to a distant receiver by regular mail in a regular envelope with a stamp on it and will cost less than $1, versus any item that has a weight or size that will cost you a lot in shipping.

You see, you don’t have to worry much about the holidays gift. Just get a Visa gift card and let them worry about what to buy with hit.


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Gift ideas for holidays season 2013

1800 Groceries CouponsNot another tie …
Not another belt …
Not another purse …
Not another shirt …
Not another one of those ……….!

Coming up with a new gift idea for someone you care about in the holidays season must be taking a considerable part of your mind, especially that shopping for the holidays gifts has already started a week or two ago. In this article you’ll learn about some new or universal ideas to help you get done with it and focus on your other important issues.

1. A website on a personal domain name.

This idea never gets old, and if your beloved one doesn’t have it yet then be the first. Go to, register the domain, and pay for a year of hosting, and quickly build a website with their point and click website builder and you’re done. It might take you a little over one hour of work but it’s worth it. Imagine the pride of your beloved ones when they present their personal email as their name on their name dot com.

2. A gift card.

A gift card is a universal solution to the holidays gift dilemma. If you know their favorite store get them the gift card from that store. If not or if they don’t really have one just go to and get them a Santa gift card box, or a snow flake one, or you can pick from their holidays variety. They can buy anything under the sun from Amazon and have it shipped to their own door step.

One of the best things about a gift card is that your beloved ones can use it for the boxing week shopping. They will love it.

Also a Visa gift card can be a good idea because they can use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

3. A hobby gift.
If you know your beloved one’s hobby it will be a pleasant surprise to open your gift box and find new tools that help them with their hobby. This could be a new fishing pole, a set of paints, a cup cake maker, a gril set, a jar of protein, or anything that they will be using while enjoying their hobby.

4. Satisfy their fantasies.
This idea is for couples. If you know that your partner has a certain fantasy why not do it together? And I am not talking about new positions here, don’t be cheap :-). I mean a fantasy that involves going somewhere in particular, dressing and acting a certain way, using certain toys or tools … you guys figure it out.

5. Ask them :-).
The best way to know what your beloved one wants for the holidays is to ask them. And to keep the surprise element in the process get them to write 5 different options for you to pick up from, or ask them to write down their wishlist.

Porbably they did already. Visit their facebook wall or their blog and do some intelligence work.

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Walmart will get away with it as usual!

1800 Groceries CouponsOn Wed. Nov 6th Walmart had on their website insane bargain deals. So insane that if you let go without placing at least one order then you’re the insane one here. Deals like a $999 value treadmil for $37 and an LCD monitor for $9 can not be passed even if you are going to borrow the money.

Many people did invest on such bargains and placed orders online. This is what I would have done, I am not waiting until I get to the store to check it out just to find that they’re all gone or that the store owners came back to their senses.

Later on the same day Walmart announced that this was a technical error and that those prices are not meant and orders placed online with these price tags will not be honored.

Please correct me if I were wrong (I believe I am not), but isn’t it illegal not to honor the price tag? When you walk in a store and find a price tag on an item, on the check out if the price is different what would you do? I’ll argue that this is not the price tag on the item. Once a store official confirms my claim they have to honor the tag. They can correct it later but for me I got the deal.

Walmart officials might argue that online it’s different because millions can place orders according to the price tag and this will cost them a lot in lost revenue. Frankly I don’t care.

I don’t care because lately Walmart was fighting us the affiliate marketers in our only source of income by lobbying lawmakers to force virtual stores like Amazon to charge local sales taxes in states where they have affiliates, arguing that we (the affiliates) represent a physical existence of the store in the state.

Because of those efforts from Walmart, our favorite client (Amazon) is not firing affilaites in those states that took Walmart’s side in this dirty war.

What I care about now is that Walmart broke the law and based on their history and their political lobbying power I think they’ll get away with it.

Anyway, back to the news.

Walmart spokesperson announced that all of the orders placed online with those price tags are cancelled and refunded to the customers.

And to bribe them to not to collectively sue Walmart and get their items according to the price tag at the time of purchase, Walmart is giving those customers a $10 Walmart gift card each.

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Great gifts up to 90% offCoupons are a great way to save money on things you use frequently. It’s also a big business! Surprize!

Yes. It is a big business, and big companies are competing on acquiring as many “coupon users” as possible, fighting each other on “you” with the dirtiest weapons available!

Man … that was quite a mouthful!

Ok, here is the story.

freester couponsImagine that I am the owner of a marketing company, and let’s call it “Yaheem”. I, the owner of Yaheem Marketing company would like to beat my competitors in marketing the right product to the right customer without wasting a ton of money on broad spectrum advertising nonsense.

One way to do that is to build a mailing list, which is not as effective now as it used to be 10 years ago, I can tell you that with 99% confidence. This is how “free gift card” companies work. They get you to sign up to their mailing list that targets the shoppers of a certain store (the one you sign up to get a free gift card from). Later you’ll be receiving emails from those companies promoting products or services that you’ll be surprized on how in the world did they know you are interested in it!

The answer is really simple: statistics. Statistics gained from market research surveys and by other means show that customers interested in certain products or with a certain shopping habbit tend to be interested in other products as well, and this is what the free credit card company uses to do a better targeted marketing than “one size fits all” kind of advertising.

Another way to do the same kind of targeting but with better real time results is by monitoring your shopping habbits realtime. And this is done with downloadable coupons.

Think about it for sec. When you search the Internet for a coupon code to use the next time you go to the zoo, once you download this coupon for printing you alarmed a system that you have children under the age of 13. Expect to also see a promotion for Disneyland, Disney DVDs, Disney on Ice show … etc.

Did you know that a company like Groupon got acquisition offer from Google in the 10 figure value and they rejected? This is how big this business is.

This is what’s in it for the companies running the coupon offers that you see everywhere; demographically laser targeted marketing.

Now what’s in it for you as a consumer?

First of all you get to save on the products and services that you are buying anyway. Get the coupon and use it then worry about the marketing efforts of the sponsoring company.

The second, and this is big if you think about it, you get exposed to advertisement only for things that you are interested in. For example if you are not into travelling wouldn’t you be annoyed of seeing a travelling offer every single time you are online? You ignore these ads, which means wasted money for the business behind it.

If the company’s ad is only shown to people who might take action this means a lot of money saved on advertising, which also means that business will be able to provide a better price for consumers like yourself.

A third benefit you can gain from coupons is that when you are exposed to a “cross promotion” (a promotion for something you might be interested in based on your original coupon download action) it’s usually a special offer that will save you more money on that product as well. That’s two birds with one stone.

I am affiliated with the coupon toolbar company advertised below and elsewhere on this page. This means that if you download and install the coupon toolbar on your browser I get paid commission. This is what I do for living, so please consider installing the toolbar if you enjoyed reading my article.

==>  Learn Some Awesome Ways To Cut Down Your Grocery Budget Up To 90% By Couponing.


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Anniversary Gift Ideas

1800 Groceries CouponsAnniversary gift ideas are allover the place, but here on our website you’ll learn, as usual, about the most unconventional ways to say “happy anniversary” in a practical way. Also most websites will give you “anniversary gift ideas for him” and “anniversary gift ideas for her”. Great effort put in those websites by their webmasters and we are grateful they did. This is not our approach though.

On our website you’ll learn more about gift ideas that both of you can share and enjoy in a way that get’s you to express your love to each other more frequently. Here are some of the ideas and you can come up with your own in the light of this concept after you finish reading this article.

1. Learn something new together:
This approach is about learning something fun together that both of you can enjoy together. An example could be learning how to dance, how to play a certain instrument, how to build a website, how to swim, or a new language.

The dancing example is the best in my opinion. First of all there are so many dances that I am sure your spouse will be messing on at least one of them that you can learn together. Second, to learn how to dance you’ll need a partner, and this is how you two can enjoy this gift together while learning and afterwords.

Although it is more fun this way, it also could be just your spouse who needs to learn that new thing, like a new language to help with their job hunt. Learning it together can also be fun and shows how much you care about his/her career. Sharing this learning process also brings to your school dating adventure environment and can spice up your love life.

2. Subscribe

Do you have a gym subscription already? If not, why don’t you give yourself and your spouse a boost in the health department and subscribe for the two of you in a good gym as an anniversary gift? Maybe you can also hire a personal trainer for the two of you and go together to consult a dietitian. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you need and can enjoy a gift like this one together. Imagine going together to the gym and being each other’s training partner.

A tip for the girls: this way you can keep your eye on him all the time, just in case on of those hot girl in those hot tights takes his attention from “the training” ;-).

This is a good idea if one of you needs to change his lifestyle because of some health issue. I know from experience how hard it is to keep a certain new lifestyle while your spouse is not with you on this new page. And I know from experience how this could alienate you two apart on the long run. Sharing shows that you care and helps you stay connected all the time.

3. Go away:

This is one of the most traditional anniversary gifts; to go on a vacation, just the two of you without the kids (if you have any, and if they are old enough). The unconventional way to do it is to go on a camp (weight loss, music, dancing, how to spice up your love life, martial arts … whatever you can think of). The idea is to be like class mates again.

This is different from the first idea. Learning something together could be online, next doors, in a community center you go to anyway … but this one you two have to become trainees in a classroom environment, with an instructor telling you what to do and how to do it for as long as you are in the camp.

I hope these ideas will help you surprise your spouse in a nice way and will help bring you both together even closer.

Happy anniversary :-)

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